Preparing your Client for their Session


Here is a sample questionnaire to send your clients regarding their boudoir photography session.  This is meant to send to them when they book their session.  This way you both know exactly what they expect from their shoot!  This is a general questionnaire, but it definitely gives you a good start on what you should have in there!

Boudoir sample questions & tips for potential clients

What is your Level of Comfort?

  •  Lingerie Only, no implied or nudity
  •  Implied nudity, covered by angles, shadows, or posing
  •  Topless
  •  Anything (everything tastful of course!)
How would you describe your body type, and what self-proclaimed flaws (if any) would you like to hide?
What parts of your body would you like to show off?
Please let us know any other request or if you have any other questions regarding your session.
Do you have any special request (themed looks, ect.)


1. Do not go tanning 5 days before the session to avoid burns & blotchy skin

2. Be sure any body hair is well groomed, shaved legs

3. Have your fingernails & toenails manicured

4. Arrive in loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing a bra, underwear, socks or anything that will leave unsightly dent marks in your skin


– Feel welcome to bring along a girlfriend (not your mom or significant other) who will cheer you on and tell you how great you look

-Any article of clothing or lingerie that you find flattering

-Jewelry you love


-Stalkings, fishnets, or any other items that you would like!

SUGGESTED LINGERIE SHOP (Put a lingerie store here that you network with, if they have your business cards or your albums in their store, you should be promoting them too!)

Here are the privacy options we give our clients when it comes to their session

At (insert you photography studio name here) we understand that boudoir photography is very personal and respect your privacy. We will not share images online or in print without your permission. We never sell images to third parties. Because of this please mark the appropriate box regarding privacy.

  •  Please keep my images private, do not share with anyone
  •  I will allow (insert you photography studio name here) to use images show other potential clients samples (only books in the studio & only lingerie shots, no nudity)
  •  I will allow (insert you photography studio name here) to blog or showcase lingerie images on website.
  •  I will allow (insert you photography studio name here) to use lingerie images for promotion (prints, emails, books at lingerie stores, website).
  •  I will allow (insert you photography studio name here) to use nudes (tasteful of course) on website.
  •  I will allow the designated Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist to have lingerie images for their portfolio or website.
With this type of questionnaire you will eliminate several questions your client may have over the phone that can sometimes be a little hard to answer.  Also, with the last section letting them control the privacy of the photos, this will definitely help relax them and comfort them knowing that it is in writing what can and cannot be done with the photos!  You must remember, these are your clients, not a model you hired to show of your work!  Part of what they may feel they are paying you for is privacy!
You can also include the products and pricing of them on this form, this way they know what to expect to pay for additional items that may not be included in the package they have purchased from you.  Sometimes letting them know ahead of time can avoid sticker shock, and if you are one of those people who do not like the sales end of the business, you just saved yourself an awkward moment of having to tell them the price for the first time!
Hopefully this helps!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Neil Gwillym says:

    Very useful checklist. Thanks

  2. Thank you this article was really helpful.

  3. tanya says:

    Great checklist. Thanks for posting. I am working on my questionnaire right now, and you reminded me of a couple things!! Also helped with wording.

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