Stylized Boudoir Sessions


image by gré – Kelly Segré

Have you ever thought of styling your own boudoir sessions?  Or maybe you have a model coming in to shoot with you so you can show new ideas to your clients?  How do you go about styling the shoot and finding wardrobe?  The first thing people think of sometimes is just going to the mall to the lingerie shop and buying the latest trend in lingerie.  But that can be expensive and you might only be able to get one or two looks, and is that really any different from what anybody else can do?

A good idea is to start looking at fashion magazines, or vintage photographs are a great source of inspiration.  Start looking at the wardrobe and imagine it as boudoir photography rather than fashion.  Maybe you will see a sheer top over a dress and think how it would look over lingerie or over nothing at all?  Look at how a model is holding the jewelry in an advertisement and imagine her in lingerie instead of that fancy gown.  Start piecing all of these little bits of information together and create your own original style!

Now that you have some inspiration it is time to find your sources!  Thrift stores are always a great place to start.  You can find anything from sheer tops to granny panties!  What you will want to do is find a favorite day to shop at your thrift store.  Some stores will have discount days or if it is a thrift store, they may have a certain day when the new garments are put on the racks.  Find out what day works for you, this also allows you to put this day on your schedule and you can make it part of your routine.

Discount stores are also a great place to shop.  This is where you can find those fashion style sheer tops, faux fur, or vintage looking accessories for a bargain!  And when looking at these items also keep your clients in mind.  Don’t just purchase items that will fit the size 2 models, there are fuzzy tops and other items that can be “one size fits all”.

If you are about to shoot a stylized session you might want to keep these items in your studio, you never know when one of your clients might want the same shot for themselves!  You can get an inexpensive garment rack with just a handful of useful wardrobe items on it, this will help add a little bit more of your own style to your boudoir sessions!

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