Upcoming Blog Posts – Critiques, Lighting Demos and More!

To be honest I have been neglecting this blog a bit…but no more! The past few months have been literally crazy. I  just returned from a few crazy days in Vegas at WPPI (it’s sensory overload, but I love seeing old friends).  In October and November I was in 29 states in 24 days, but of course that was not enough travel for me! In February I had the pleasure of taking the train across country with my final destination being Inspire Photo Retreats where I did a presentation on “The Intimate Side of Boudoir”! This is a pretty awesome retreat and if you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it…it’s so different (in a good way , I’m not a big fan of the huge conferences). Here’s little video to inspire you to go next year…

Inspire 2014 Retreat Video from Mark Higgins on Vimeo.

I met some new friends…even after the retreat. At the end of the retreat we actually almost got stuck back east when a huge snow storm came through! Fortunately (or not depending on how you look at it) we were not the only ones stranded and were able to rent the “Sexy Beast” SUV and drive through a snowstorm to make it to DC with our friends Chris & Jessica, and our new friend Ralph! The normal five hour drive took us 11.5 hours, but it gave us the perfect opportunity to decompress from the retreat and of course do some portfolio reviews of each other’s work!

This inspired me to add a critique section to this blog!

I have always loved critiquing others work and having my own work critique and after this experience I decided that as part of this blog I am going to be offering weekly image critiques. It’s so hard to find a good solid critique…especially when it comes to boudoir! If you would like volunteer to have your images critiqued feel free to email me 2-3 websized images (1200 px @ 72 dpi on longest side) with your logo. I prefer that the images be boudoir / fine art / or fashion based as that is my expertise (I couldn’t tell you crap about a landscape image). Every week I will select  1-2 of the critiques to put on the blog.  So if you want to be the first of the brave individuals email me with the images (and a link to your website) at info@theboudoirplace.com and I will give you my input on the images you send!

Also I want to know what you would like to see more of on this blog in terms of content…so feel free to email us what you like to hear more about (lighting tutorials, posing, more sexy photos, ect.!!)

And just because I can’t do blog post without some sexy images…here’s a few!


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