A Simple Solution For Creating the Wet Look!

Creating a wet look can be fun, but the hard part is creating a look that looks wet without your client actually having to reapply baby oil or lotion over and  over. Or even worse, drenching your client until they look like a sad wet dog.

The simple solution for creating a nice even wet (or sweaty look) is glycerin and a spray bottle with three parts water to one part glycerin. When using water alone, the moisture is gone before you even know it. Baby oil works for a bit, but after about 5 minutes you find that you have to reapply. With glycerin you can also achieve a shiny look that looks wet without it dripping everywhere.

Glycerin can be found at almost any drug store for under $10! To find the right solution for your shoot, play with the ratios of water to glycerin and spray away until you have your desired results!


wet-look-boudoir-photography-fashion-kelly-segre wet-look-kelly-segre-glycerin-photo-shoot-fashion

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