Re-Post – 99 Photographers (who photograph people) I love…

A few years back I posted a list of 99 photographers that inspire me on my personal blog. Since it’s one of my favorite blog post I figured I’d share it here!

Also if there are any other photographer’s you feel should be added to the list feel free to list them in the comment section below!

There have been many conversations about who is the greatest photographer of all time?  Or who is in the top 10?  But the top 10 will be different for all of us for many different reasons.  There are many different forms of photography, portrait, fashion, landscape and so many more.  So I am just going to talk about photographers who are known for photographing people.

I have compiled a list of 99 + 1 photographers who you should really know about!  The top 10 are those who inspire me the most, for many different reasons.  The rest are all equally inspiring and have probably been in my top 10 at one time or another and if not, they probably will be some day!  I have listed them alphabetically because I really don’t think I could arrange them in the top 100, I would be writing this blog for days arguing with myself over who should go where!

Some of you may not agree with my list, some of you may think that someone is missing.  That’s fine, this list is just my top 99 + 1, maybe you should try making your own for inspiration!

# 1.  David Bailey
I look to his work for inspiration, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it, it’s simple, classy and elegant, no wonder Vogue loved him so much!

# 2. Irving Penn
  A true master of combining portraits, art and fashion.  So many of his images could hang on a museum’s wall or be in a fashion magazine at the same time.  Timelessness, that is what he has created.

# 3. Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton was regarded as a pig by feminists, wow, were they wrong!  He simply loved powerful women.  Women were meant to be strong, don’t be distracted by the nudity, that is when you will miss the point of it all!

# 4. Horst

His images of women and fashion are more inspirational to the boudoir community than I think they even know!

# 5. Annie Leibovitz

Probably not for the reason you would think.  I love her attitude and the way she commands the set.  She admits that she has made mistakes, big ones, but she has learned from them.  Okay, she also has some brilliant work!

# 6. Edward Weston

Clean lines, moving the human figure into a work of fine art.  Stunning, simple and beautiful.  Less is more.

# 7. George Hurrell

If it wasn’t for George Hurrell Hollywood would not be what it is today!  His work created icons and he is the reason for glamour photography.  He had the ability to take a photograph of a movie star in the 1930’s and to this day people will still desire to be like that person.

#8 Herb Ritts

When I was first learning about photography he was the photographer who was “it”.  If I had someone to idolize as a photographer it was him.  I look back at the photos I tore out from magazines to hang on my bedroom wall and so many of them were shot by him.  He didn’t put people on his canvas, he had the ability to make people his canvas.

# 9. Ellen Von Unwerth

I almost want to steal the slogan from Hooters, “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” but she is so much more than that.  Her work is fashionable, slightly erotic, classy and so desirable to look at all at the same time.

# 10. Paolo Roversi

He is the Polaroid king!  Masterful lighting alluring mood and hauntingly beautiful imagery.

Honorable (and inspires me in many ways) # 11 . June Newton AKA Alice Springs

I admire June so much, and not just for having to put up with Helmut!  He had told her before they were married that she would always be his second love, photography being the first.  The support she gave him, the fact that she accepted him as he was and loved him for it.  These are the things I respect in her and find so inspiring.  She once said this “He wasn’t interested in people. ‘I’m not interested in soul,’ he said.  But I was, and I tried to steal them.” She saw the soul in people and she showed the soul in herself, she just might be moving up on my list very soon!

Here are the remaining 89 in alphabetical order by first name…

Albert Watson
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Alfred Stieglitz
Andrew Macpherson  
Arnold Newman
Barry Lategan 
Bert Stern 
Bill Brandt 
Brian Duffy
Bruce Weber  
Carter Smith
Cecil Beaton 
Charles Swelund  
Cindy Sherman
Clifford Coffin 
Corinne Day 
Craig McDean  
Dan Budnick
David LaChapelle    
Dennis Stock 
Diane Arbus
Dorothea Lange  
Edward Steichen 
Elliott Erwitt 
Eve Arnold    
Frank Horvat  
George Hoyningen-Huene 
Gerald Forster   
Gordon Parks 
Guy Bourdin  
Haley Jane Samuelson 
Henri Cartier-Bresson 
Henry Clark
Herman Leonard    
Jill Greenberg    
Jock Sturges
John Deakin
John Rawlings
Josef Hoflehner
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julian Broad
Lauren Greenfield
Lee Miller
Len Prince
Lillian Bassman
Lisette Model
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Lynn Goldsmith
Margaret Bourke-White
Marin Munkacsi
Mario Testino
Mark Abrahams
Mark Seliger
Martine Barrat
Mary Ellen Mark
Max Vadukul
Michael Dweck
Nan Goldin
Nathaniel Goldberg
Nick Knight
Norman Parkison
Patrick Demarchelier
Paul Himmel
Peggy Sirota
Peter Hujar
Peter Lindbergh
Phil Stern 
Ralph Gibson
Rasmus Mogensen
Reagan Cameron
Richard Avedon
Robert Doisneau
Robert Mapplethorpe 
Sally Mann  
Sanne Sannes 
Sante D’Orazio
Sarah Moon
Slim Aarons 
Stephane Sednaoui
Steve McCurry
Steven Miesel
Tom Munro
W. Eugene Smith
William Klein
Yousef Karsh

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