Critique Wednesday – Jason Flynn Photography

This week we have a fashion / portrait image! Jason Flynn is our photographer this week who is willing to have me critique one of his images! You can see more of his work on his work on his website at

My goal with my idea of critique images every week is to help give other photographs unbiased insight on their own images. I’d love this to grow, so if you are willing to be the next victim please email me at with 2-3 watermarked images (1200 px wide)! The image can be a fashion, boudoir, or fine art portrait image. Also in the comments section feel free to agree or disagree with my analysis…but be constructive; I reserve the right to not post comments I feel are not helpful to the photographer.



STRENGTHS: The simplicity of the image and overall toning of the image. The toning matches the feel of the image in that it is slightly muted. Also the posing of the subject looks relaxed and comfortable.

WEAKNESS: The background and over all scene of the image.  There are  a few thing in the image that distract from the actual portrait. While normally I would like the fact that there are converging parallel lines in a image, in this case I feel it takes your eyes away from the subject, especially since the lines take you directly to the brightest spot in the image. The composition is slightly off in that the image has a slight tilt to the left. The straight line coming directly out of the top of her head (the edge of the building to the bright edge of the sidewalk) , the white door, the can behind the subject distracts from the over all simple feel of the image.

LIGHTING: The lighting in the image while safe works for the overall tone of the image. Like mentioned before the light at the end of the sidewalk (parallel lines) is slightly distracting. I do like the ways the shadows contour her face.

COMPOSITION: The overall composition of this image is okay. While she is framed correctly, as mentioned earlier the background completely distracts from the simplicity of her pose and expression. The image is slightly tilted to the left and the parallel lines of the sidewalk lead you directly away from the subject and into a bright light.

POSING: The posing is one of the strongest elements of this image. Her pose is relaxed and does not appeared forced. Additionally, her facial expression fits the overall tone of the image and her body language. The only improvement I would recommend is her fingers on her right hand are slightly distracting.

POST PRODUCTION: Overall there is nothing wrong with post production of this image, it’s simple and doesn’t distract from the image. The only post production I would recommend would be things that technically could have been prevented in camera. Perhaps slightly cropping the top of the image so that the sidewalk does not lead you into the bright spot. Also removing items from the image such as the can behind her and the marks in the sidewalk.

OVERALL ANALYSIS: If you look strictly at the subject, this is overall a strong portrait. She looks relaxed & comfortable. Also the toning of the image fits perfectly with her expression. I would have loved to see a portrait of this woman without all the distractions in the background of the image.

One Comment Add yours

  1. jason says:

    Damn backgrounds! I appreciate the feedback. All things I can apply in the future.

    Who’s next?!

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