Strangers On A Train – A Live Documentary Photo Project

Be part of a live documentary photography project August 31st – September 14th 2015

On August 31st, 2015 Gré will board an Amtrak train for 15 days (getting off at only a few selected spots to rest and switch trains). While on the train Gré will be documenting “Strangers On A Train” for over 6000 miles across the United States. The project originally started when Gré travelled from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles in August 2014. The project received such a good response (the experience was even published on Amtrak’s Blog) it was decided to extend the project to cover “Strangers” from all over the country. What is unique about this documentary project is that you can watch it unfold live on instagram. The images will be posted live from the train and on

September they will be removed from Gré’s social media until the book is released.

The project can be followed in two ways…through the Instagram feed @kellysegre August 31st – September 14th or by subscribing to the daily email that will be sent out of the photos the following day. For information on following this project, see the links below.

If you know anyone who would be interested in following this project feel free to pass this email along!

Kelly-segre-amtrak-strangers-on-a-train-61a Kelly-segre-amtrak-strangers-on-a-train-15
Kelly-segre-amtrak-strangers-on-a-train-36 Kelly-segre-amtrak-strangers-on-a-train-54
Support this project here. Any funds contributed go towards publishing and distributing the book when the project is completed.

For more information on this project or to subscribe to daily photos of this project during the trip (August 31st – September 15th) please email with “Strangers On A Train” in the heading. A daily photo email will only be sent during only during time period of August 31st and September 15th and your email will not be shared with any other parties.

instagram: @kellysegre (where images will be displayed as the trip is going on and then removed on September 15th)

About Gré : With a love for film and all things analog, Kelly’s photography career started many years ago in her father’s darkroom when she was exposed to photography at a very young age. The nickname “Gré” came from her love of taking black & white photographs (her last name is Segré). A self proclaimed feminist, she loves to create images in which a balance of control and vulnerability is achieved. Since 1998 Gré has won over 50 photographic awards mostly for her creative portrait work. Additionally, her work has been shown in several art galleries throughout the US.

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