Using The Assets of Your Boudoir Client!

Photography by Jim Minics

Article by The Boudoir Place

Using your client’s assets in boudoir photography is very important.  Getting your clients to open up can be the most difficult part.  All women have assets, with some it can be their smile or the way they laugh, with others they may just have an unbelievably sultry personality.  Finding out who is standing in front of your lens can really add to the product you are providing.

Some photographers will talk with their subjects while others will give a lot of direction and keep focused on the task of shooting.  Boudoir photography is portrait photography and it is always a good idea to keep your client in mind when shooting.  This is probably one of the few types of portrait photography when each and every client you ever have can be completely different and not want the same thing as everyone else!  It is also a business where you could get 100 clients in a row who want the exact same thing and then you may never shoot it again with anyone else!  This just means that there is a lot of importance in getting to know your clients!

Building trust is a must!  This takes practice for most people.  As a boudoir photographer you really need to walk that fine line of friend and professional photographer.  These women are trusting you to pose them correctly to make sure they look their best but they still must trust you as a person as these types of images are of a very intimate nature.  Keeping an open dialogue is the first key in building trust, make sure your client knows that she can ask you anything at any time during the shoot.  After the shoot is too late, so be sure that she is comfortable and answer all of her questions the nicest way possible.  If you see she is a little tense, just talk to her about herself, ask questions but do not tell her she looks tense, this could just make things worse!  If someone is tense it will usually show in the hands.  Balled up fists are never really sexy, a relaxed hand and relaxed feet and toes do wonders to help your client relax.  If they are concentrating on relaxing their hands they may not be thinking about being nervous and the next thing you know they are having a blast with their boudoir session!

Noticing the little things and talking with your clients is a great way to ensure that everyone has a fun and fulfilling boudoir shoot and it is a great way to let them show who they really are on camera!

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